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Infectious Disease


If you suffer from this condition, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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The more common infectious diseases seen and treated at Encompass Healthcare are: Osteomyelitis (bone infections), Cellulitis (skin and soft tissue infections), pyelonephritis (kidney infections), and abscess of any tissue compartment.   As an expert trained in Infectious Disease, universal precautions are vigilantly enforced to protect patients and our esteemed healthcare team.

In 30 years we have never had a single patient-to-patient, employee-to-patient or patient-to-employee exposure or infection transmission. We adhere to strict handwashing guidelines.


The symptoms of infectious disease often overlap many other medical conditions such that a   physician referral    is required for a patient consultation.

Treating infectious diseases is at the core of what Encompass Healthcare and Wound Medicine  does.

How do infectious diseases arise? 

The human body is divided into sterile and non-sterile sites. Non-sterile sites include the nose, mouth, sinuses, upper respiratory tract, the esophagus down to the rectum, and the vagina. These site surfaces are covered from end-to-end with bacteria and fungi that live harmoniously without causing disease.

The most common cause of disease is the transfer of bacteria or fungi from a non-sterile body site to a sterile body site. For example, bacteria that normally live in the back of the throat could inadvertently be aspirated into the lungs and set up the possibility of pneumonia.



Infectious diseases are usually treated by administering oral or intravenous (I.V. or IV) medication. Both oral and   IV therapies   are available at Encompass Healthcare and Wound Medicine in our comfortable, outpatient setting.  You are able to schedule your appointment, get your medicine, and get back to your life without having to go to a hospital.  Our outpatient IV therapy wing at Encompass Healthcare is a freestanding, outpatient infection and wound facility with hospital-level equipment and treatments without the hospital experience.

Alternatively, IV medications may be prepared for use at home.

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Infectious Disease (Infection) Symptoms:

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An internal body temperature over 101.5°F or higher is often the first indication of an infection somewhere in the body. However, the degree of elevation doesn’t necessarily indicate the seriousness of the infection. Higher temperatures can result from a relatively minor infection and vice versa.

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Warm, Red, Painful, & Swollen Body Site

  Infections progressively get more painful, red, and swollen. They may also have red streaks going away from the infected area indicating the infection is spreading.

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Blood or Pus Coming From the Wound

The oozing of yellowish or green pus is another telltale sign of infection. The discharge may also have a foul odor and you should seek medical attention immediately.

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Delayed Healing

Infections sometimes prevent underlying wounds from healing.  Most superficial wounds heal on their own in four weeks or less. When they don’t heal, infection in a deep tissue (such as a   bone infection) is a possibility.

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