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Combatting Age-Related Deterioration

Make your health a priority.

The Impact of Aging on Performance

As we age, our bodies become less efficient in delivering oxygen, leading to a decline in mental and physical performance. However, this is no longer an inevitable aspect of aging.


At Encompass Healthcare, we view aging as a treatable condition. With cutting-edge technology, we revolutionize the aging process and restore youthful vitality through a medically-proven treatment that reverses biological aging.

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The Changes Our Body and Mind Undergo with Aging

Want to learn more about the changes our bodies and minds go through with age? Click below to read more. 

Maximize Your Life Experiences

The Encompass Healthcare Medical Program is a personalized multidisciplinary treatment program designed to meet your unique health needs and objectives.

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A comprehensive physical and cognitive evaluation provides a comprehensive understanding of your brain and body, serving as the basis for your individualized treatment plan. The program may encompass: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cognitive Training, Physical Therapy, Exercise Instruction, and Nutritional Guidance.


If you have suffered from cognitive or physical decline due to aging or illness, our program may have the potential to help restore your youthful energy and vitality.

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What contributes to the efficacy of the Encompass Healthcare Medical Program?

The unique hyperoxic-hypoxic protocol of Encompass Healthcare leads to the formation of new stem cells and blood vessels, resulting in improved cognitive and physical performance.

Our advanced multiplace suite offers a secure and comfortable environment, equipped with proprietary tablets and brain training exercises to enhance the effectiveness of each treatment.

If you have suffered from cognitive or physical decline caused by aging or illness, we may be able to offer assistance.

Advantages of the Encompass Healthcare HBOT Program

Advantages for your mental well-being

  • Improved brain connectivity and performance (the overall health of the brain and its control over thoughts and emotions).

  • Enhanced cognitive abilities, such as memory, concentration and clarity of thought.

  • Increased speed of mental processing (the quickness of completing cognitive tasks).

  • Upgraded executive functions (the intricate mental capacities that enable flexible thinking, decision-making, and self-discipline).

  • Uplifted mood.

Advantages for physical


  • Enhanced athletic abilities: Endurance, Power, Agility, and Stability.

  • Increased vitality, energy, and stamina.

  • Reduced discomfort (powerful anti-inflammatory impact).

  • Upgraded sleep quality.

  • Ameliorated sexual function (for males).

Advantages for cellular health

  • Strengthen the immune system.

  • Stimulate stem cells—the fundamental components of tissue regeneration—to proliferate and migrate.

  • Extend telomeres - the protective end-caps of each strand of DNA.

  • Prolonging telomeres is linked to expanding our biological lifespan.

  • Decrease senescent cells—known to play a role in various age-related illnesses.

  • Enhance mitochondrial activity—the energy source in each of our cells.

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What's included in the program:

  1. Consultation: Have a conversation with one of our board-certified medical professionals to assess your suitability for the plan.

  2. Pre-Treatment Evaluation: A three-day assessment process that includes MRI and/or SPECT brain scans, cognitive assessments, DNA sequencing, dietary analysis, physical examination and more, to establish reference points and design a personalized treatment plan.

  3. The Treatment: 40-60 two-hour Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) sessions (5 days a week), continual cognitive training, physical rehabilitation, exercise physiology, and nutritional guidance to meet both physical and mental needs. *The program may differ based on individual requirements.

  4. Post-Treatment Evaluation: Repeat all pre-evaluation tests (excluding DNA sequencing) to measure progress and outcomes, and determine next steps.

  5.  Follow-Up Assessment: Monthly meetings with the clinical staff to review progress and set objectives. After six months, a one-day physical evaluation will be conducted to determine ongoing benefits and advancements from the program.

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