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Our Team

At Encompass Healthcare you will find a staff of professionals ready to help you with all of your medical needs and concerns.  We are ready to help schedule medical appointments or answer any questions you may have. Contact us and let's get started.

Dr. Bruce Ruben | Encompass Healthcare


Bruce E. Ruben

Dr. Ruben   is the Founder and Medical Director at Encompass Healthcare. Our friendly family atmosphere, our dedication to our patients and our commitment to be the best wound care facility in the country are all rooted in Dr. Ruben. He started with a dream to create a comprehensive outpatient center for infection and wound care, precluding hospitalization.

Maddy Smock | Encompass Healthcare

Madeline Smock


Maddy graduated with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice with a specialty in Family Medicine in 2021 from the University of Michigan. She has a family medicine certification to practice from AANP. Maddy was a registered nurse at Michigan Medicine for 4 years, with a certification in organ transplant. She has experience as an undergraduate nursing professor. She is certified in botox and filler/aesthetic medicine.

Kitty Carpenter | Encompass Healthcare

Office Facilitator

Kitty Carpenter

Katherine “Kitty” Carpenter’s job title is Office Facilitator, but she’s really our “Office Everything.” If a patient needs a test, Kitty schedules it. If a patient needs a wound vac put on, she installs it. If a patient needs ANYTHING, Kitty will make it happen. She can be on one phone line scheduling an appointment, on another line getting a patient’s records faxed over, checking off her “to-do” list and unjamming a copy machine—all at the same time! This is no exaggeration. Our wound care staff and its attitude all begins with Kitty’s infectious smile. Kitty is an all-encompassing team player and she does it all with the most “can-do” attitude you will ever experience.

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