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Skin and Beauty Bar


Give yourself the gift of youthful-looking skin!

Skin and Beauty | Encompass Healthcare

Skin &
Beauty Bar

Encompass Healthcare is pleased to announce the opening of our new skin and beauty bar.

Look your best with Botox, and fillers. Give yourself the gift of youthful-looking skin!


Our own Dr. Maddy Smock is an expertly trained aesthetician, certified to treat stubborn wrinkles and crows feet with Botox, Newtox, and fillers such as Restalyne, RHA, Juvaderm, Revanesse, Kybella, and more.

Botox (30min)

$12 a unit, the first 10  units are free for new patients who purchase 40 or more units. Botox can be used in glabellar region (frown lines), forehead, crows feet, to get a fuller top lip (called a lip flip, but I like to call it juicy lip), bunny lines on nose, a mini eyebrow lift, and to get rid of gummy smiles!


Filler (40min)

$450 a syringe- get 10 units of botox free if new pt. Under eyes, nasolabial folds (smile lines), cheeks, and lips can all be filled.


Kybella (30 min)

$650 a vial. Each person needs 1-2 vials each treatment. Gets rid of under-chin fat. Bye bye double chins! Requires 1-5 treatments for full results, each individual is different. Treatments are 2 months apart.

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Give yourself the gift of youthful looking skin today!

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