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Surgical Infections


If you suffer from this condition, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Surgical Infections

Surgical infections are treated and cured at Encompass Healthcare and Wound Medicine and we do it in our outpatient office so that you don’t have to go to the hospital.

In the hands of a skilled surgeon, surgical site infections occurs 2% of the time. This complication rate is carefully monitored by hospital quality assurance oversight. Thus, under sterile conditions, surgical wounding may result in bacteria traveling from the skin to the underlying body site, causing a potential infection.

Surgical infections can result anywhere on the body without having hardware or a prosthesis involved. Simply acquiring an infection at the surgery incision site is reason enough to seek help. In the case of a surgical site infection, both oral and IV antibiotics may be used to treat the infection. Again, we do this in our outpatient office so you don’t have to go to the hospital.

In the case of a   prosthesis infection,  (or hardware infection), similar means may be used but if antibiotic treatment fails, the hardware may have to be removed in order to allow the    infection   to resolve.

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